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Dry cat food vomit

Why does dry cat food make my cat vomit?

A likely cause is because the pellets of the dry cat food are too small. You cat swallows them whole in quantities sufficient to make him nauseous. He is ingesting unmasticated (unchewed), hard objects...

Cat Vomit

Why does my cat’s vomit look like poop?

SEEK IMMEDIATE PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT IF YOUR CAT’S VOMIT LOOKS LIKE POOP. Your cat is vomiting foul material that looks and smells like faeces. The probable causes are: Blunt abdominal trauma – i.e. hit in...

Cat Vomiting

Reasons why my cat is throwing up

People ask Dr Google for the “reasons why my cat is throwing up”. Here is an overview of the reasons but it is not a substitute for taking your cat to a genuine doctor;...

Dry cat food pellets are too small

Does dry cat food cause vomiting?

I believe that dry cat food specifically can cause a cat to vomit on occasions. This is when the pellets are too small which encourages a cat to swallow the pellets whole in large numbers which can irritate the stomach lining making the cat nauseous whereupon he throws up.

My Cat is Vomiting Feces

My Cat is Vomiting Feces by Anna (Oregon,Portland) NanerPuss NanerPuss disappeared 2 weeks ago. My family has been devastated. He showed up today! He has lost half his weight. I took him to the...

Cat Being Sick After Eating!

by Clara (London) Cat vomiting a hair ball! Not the case in this instance in my opinion (see below) – art work by Livia Iacolare My cat is nearly 18 and she eats mainly...

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