Animal advocates’ $7000 reward to find polygamous community cat shooters

Animal advocates' $7000 reward to find polygamous community cat shooters

Animal advocates in southern Utah have stumped up a $7k reward to find out who is shooting at cats and dogs in the area. The area is Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona places were you’ll find the crumbling remains of the polygamous, fundamentalist Mormon community. This isolated community, living in a bygone age, …

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Cat Shot in Nice Neighbourhood of Charlotte

cat shooting

A sweet black-and-white outdoor cat has been shot at point blank in the chest with a .22 calibre firearm (small calibre). The cat, Miss Kitty (7-years-old) survived but has lost her right leg as the bullet shattered it beyond repair. “Because it hit her, the shot was in the chest, the intent was probably …

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Legal Cat Cruelty – Find Woodsman

The words ‘legal’ and ‘cruelty’ should never go together in one sentence. But they do in many places on the planet. One reason will be because there are no laws to protect the cat against human abuse. The classic example is China. China is a country that will do anything to get ahead and …

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