An idea on reducing litter tray odour in multi-cat households and saving money

Catio with outdoor toilet

One of the big problems in multi-cat homes is keeping down litter tray odours. Ideally you need one litter tray per cat plus one (Jackson Galaxy). Depending on the number of cats it can be quite a lot of work keeping the odours down. It might even be impossible, which is why my neighbours …

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7 ways to exercise your cat (a critical viewpoint)

There are apparently seven ways to exercise your cat. There are probably more ways, but in practice there are less. I’m going to list seven possible ways to exercise your cat and comment critically on those suggestions. In my view there are three general ways to exercise your cat: allow them to go outside …

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Brilliant catio has to be torn down demands local authority

Catio built without planning permission has to be demolished

  NEWS AND COMMENT: Lorraine and Adrian Marshall built a catio in their front garden (yard) for their 10 cats, at their home in Blackpool, UK. Nice idea and they did a good job. The cats look happy in it as they would because catios are very good at giving indoor domestic cats some …

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America’s prefabricated homes should have a catio option

America: economy prefabricated home

Prefabricated homes are often better quality than traditional build quality and they are gaining in popularity. The manufacturers should incorporate a design option for a catio for purchasers who are cat guardians or those who foresee cat ownership as being an option for the future. Both the UK and the USA are experiencing human …

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Check if you need planning permission for your catio

The catio that breached planning regulations

Catios are a very good idea because they are an excellent compromise between providing an enriched environment for your cat and safety. In my opinion, many more people should build one or even better a full-blown enclosure in their backyard. However, as is highlighted by this story, you need to make sure that either …

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