My mom throws domesticated cats outside whenever she gets sick of them

Cat abandonment

There is an interesting post on by the child of a woman who, by the description of her behavior, matches the sort of character who is the cause of the feral cat problem in the United States. We all know it. There is a minority of individuals who behave like this and they …

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Abandoning cats at animal shelter surreptitiously (video)

Abandoning cats at shelter surreptitiously

I think this video is interesting partly because it’s quite unusual. It’s unusual to see the actual act of abandonment of cats in this case at an animal shelter because the intention of the culprits is to avoid being seen! You can see how surreptitiously this couple act. The woman quickly runs away from …

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The Frozen 12: A dozen cats found abandoned in a crate in a snowy field in Virginia

According to a December 13 report by WSET13 News, a dozen cats and kittens were found in a crate in a snowy field Wednesday night in Campbell County, Virginia. Animal Control for the county received the call about an oversized wire crate filled with cats and kittens in distress who were abandoned on Red Oak …

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Cat advocates angered after NC woman convicted of animal cruelty receives supervised probation

Cat advocates are angered after a North Carolina woman convicted of animal cruelty was given a sentence of three years supervised probation. At her court appearance January 11, Barbara Hart received probation along with the judge ordering she couldn’t have contact with animals of any kind, even if she lives with someone who has …

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West Virginia cruelty case: Scratches found inside totes after multiple dead cats were found abandoned

Berkeley County Animal Control is reaching out for help from the public on another bizarre case of cats were found dead after being abandoned.  This case is much like the Rockingham County, NC case in May 2016. This case comes out of Hedgeville, West Virginia. Berkeley County Animal Control posted August 19 on their …

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Bridgewater, NJ: More than 25 cats rescued from small abandoned apartment

More than 25 cats and kittens were rescued from a small abandoned apartment in Bridgewater, New Jersey on August 18 after a tip was called into Somerset Regional Animal Shelter. Newborn kittens and pregnant cats were among those rescued, Somerset Regional Animal Shelter manager Brian Bradshaw reported in an interview with “We weren’t …

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Abandoned pets: NC Animal Control Director states ‘what we found was almost beyond belief’

Cat in cage

When Columbus County Animal Control responded to a report of abandoned dogs just outside of Whiteville on New Britton Highway Saturday morning, what they found was almost beyond belief. It’s believed the people living in the Eastern North Carolina home moved out over the last few days and left behind at least three dogs …

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When will it end…Johnston County cat dumping case postponed again

Cats abandoned by these

This is just a quick update on the case of the 17 cats dumped by Terry Ray Beasley and Tamara Perezlazaro on Thanksgiving weekend. Nothing good to report at the time, but I wanted everyone to know where the case stands to date. Click here to learn how 17 cats were dumped in the …

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