Be aware of fly-by-night animal sanctuaries in the UK

Fly-by-night animal sanctuaries are a problem in the UK

This is about another UK scam/fraud/con in the UK. My God, there are so many of them I’ve almost lost track. The citizens of the UK are surrounded by fraudsters and thieves. And, sadly, the police seem to be impotent, so we are alone. This one concerns what The Times refers to as “fly-by-night …

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Facebook Spamming and Tagging Policies Continue to Hurt Animal Advocates

Black cat at shelter

This article was originally posted on March 18, 2016. I’ve added the photo to this article of a cat who desperately needs rescue from Big Spring, Texas Animal Shelter. He has over $300 in pledges at this time and the shelter is full. His thread is here. Please share him. While the suspension of …

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What Facebook Knows about Cat and Dog People

Facebook has been collecting information about us. We know that. They’ve refined the process. They developed computer software which they call “object recognition technology” which recognises photographs of cats and dogs. It added that information to other information which they have been collecting for a long time such as the number of likes and …

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How can companion animals (pets) have their own Facebook page?

How can companion animals (pets) have their own Facebook page? There should be a simple answer. However, clearly, a lot of Facebook users have not found the answer simple. A lot of people who have Facebook accounts appear to have set up an account for their companion animal or some other animal which, inadvertently, is …

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