Check if you need planning permission for your catio

The catio that breached planning regulations

Catios are a very good idea because they are an excellent compromise between providing an enriched environment for your cat and safety. In my opinion, many more people should build one or even better a full-blown enclosure in their backyard. However, as is highlighted by this story, you need to make sure that either …

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Cat Management Laws of Tasmania

Tasmania has adopted a very honest approach to “cat shelters”. They call them “cat management facilities”. That does sound a bit dark and mysterious but it is a much better name because the word “shelter” is often wholly inappropriate as cats are often not sheltered at these places. Cat management facilities are part of …

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Catnapper Receives Light Sentence After Allegedly Mutilating Cats

By Elisa Black-Taylor A Mesa, Arizona serial catnapper (cat thief) was sentenced August 14 for catnapping a cat named Biscuit, although he admitted to Judge Lue Sang he’d catnapped between 30-40 cats in his neighborhood. Andrew Scott Graham received a light sentence, including 36 months unsupervised probation, a fine, a mental health evaluation and …

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Humane Society of Harford County Commits a Crime and a Tort?

Background: this is a follow up to the article about the Hartford Humane Society who assessed a cat brought in as feral and killed her almost immediately when in fact the cat was Mistoffelees, a long term cat companion to Robert Brooks. Mistoffelees was declawed and totally domesticated. It is quite possible that the …

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NY Senate passes bill S2305A for state animal cruelty registry

According to WKTV News, the New York State Senate has passed legislation requiring animal abusers who violate Buster’s Law to register with the division of criminal justice services. Known as S2305A, the new bill also requires abuser to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, plus bans them from any future pet ownership. A PDF of the …

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