British government briefly considered ordering all domestic cats to be killed

The British government considered killing all domestic cats in the UK during Covid

Cast your mind back to the Covid-19 pandemic which incidentally has not entirely finished. People are still dying of it. And remind yourself that this is a zoonosis or a zoonotic disease, one that can infect animals and the human-animal alike and transfer from one to the other which is how it started in …

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Notes about bird flu, domestic cats and people

Bird flu

It might be useful just to briefly touch on the bird flu epidemic which affects America and other countries. I’m going to refer exclusively to America in this article partly because America’s CDC have some very useful information about it. Firstly, they remind us that bird flu is zoonotic. It can be transferred from …

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Bird flu kills five domestic cats in the United States of America


NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a worrying development. I’ve written about bird flu before and the fact that it is a zoonotic disease which means that it can be transmitted between animals and people. Covid-19 is also a zoonotic disease and we know how badly that affected the entire planet. And today, The Sun, …

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China: when pets get Covid they are killed. When people get Covid they are treated. Unfair and immoral.

China is killing pets unnecessarily when they contract Covid

China is engaged in Draconian anti-Covid measures which are cruel and bewildering to outsiders and animal advocates. They have a zero-tolerance strategy but that zero tolerance applies to cats and dogs but not people. The ‘zero’ means zero life if a cat or dog tests positive for Covid. There are stories circulating that when …

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Infecting your cat with stress through pandemic upheaval

Julia Bramble and Smudge

The Covid pandemic caused upheaval in the lives of cat caregivers; both at the beginning, during it and at the transition coming out of it. Each stage of the pandemic resulted in change to the lifestyles of cat owners. And any change to a domestic cat’s environment is likely to cause stress in the …

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CHINA: Harbin authorities euthanized three domestic cats who contracted Covid

Miss Liu's Exotic Shorthair one of three cats owned by her that were euthanised

HARBIN, CHINA – NEWS AND COMMENT: This story is all over the Internet and I have written about it before. It is the first time that I have read a report online or in the printed news media of domestic cats being deliberately killed because they’d contracted Covid. It also seems likely that these …

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Covid saved the lives of 4 million companion animals in the USA

Empty shelters thanks to Covid and increased adoptions

It’s an extraordinary twist of fate; Covid has saved the lives of about 4 million companion animals in the USA. This is because of soaring adoptions during the pandemic. The information relates to 2020 so it’s a bit out of date and I can’t find current figures. I would expect the current figures to …

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Pet theft is not trivial – on a par, say, with shoplifting

Dog on lead meets cat on lead outside see what happens

Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, has usefully written about pet theft in the UK for the Mail on Sunday. His article is published on the Mail Online website. Observers will have read the stories about the surge in pet thefts in the UK, mainly of dogs, due to the Covid-19 pandemic which encouraged …

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