Couple charged after more than 50 dead cats were removed from their Lawrenceville home

Two people were arrested and charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty after more than 50 dead cats were removed from their Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania home. Back in April, more than 40 live cats were removed from the home. The couple was charged with 30 counts of animal cruelty from that arrest.

couple charged with 50+ counts of animal cruelty

Police found dozens of dead cats Friday while they were executing a search warrant at the 45th Street home of Marcia DiNardo, 67, and Thomas Crory 59. The cats were found in boxes, trash cans, bags and coffee cans. DiNardo and Crory had been under investigation by police since the seizure in April 2017.

Pittsburgh Police Officer Christine Luffey stated in an interview with Pittsburgh CBS Local

“We found what I believe to be more than 50 decomposing bodies of cats and kittens. They were in the house, and they were also in the backyard. I noticed when I was walking through, my feet were squishing in the carpet, which was filled with urine and animal waste.”

DiNardo and Crory turned themselves into police and were taken to the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center-Mercy (UPMC-Mercy) for a mental evaluation. Both face charges of more than 50 counts of animal cruelty.

Animal Care & Control workers also removed three living cats from the home. The Homeless Cat Management Team is assisting with their care.

Officer Luffey advised the public that any strong odor of urine or feces noticed by anyone walking by a home should report that home to local authorities, as this isn’t normal.


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