Domestic cats may rescue humankind from this coronavirus nightmare

Maine Coon on white

The thing about domestic cats which is of interest to scientists is that they can become infected with Covid-19 but that they get over the disease very quickly and when they have the disease their symptoms are mild or they are asymptomatic (without signs of the disease). If humans could respond this well when …

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Farts could transmit the coronavirus. Cats and dogs tested.

Thermal image of a fart

I recommend that people keep their pants on about this story! And they shouldn’t get their knickers in a twist! There’s an amusing side to it but also a potentially serious aspect. The Jakarta Post tells me that Covid-19 might be transmitted through farts – the passing of wind to put it more politely. …

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Making it obligatory to adopt out cats from animal testing laboratories

Woman telling people what she thinks of animal testing

Why do animal testing laboratories have to be forced to adopt out the cats that they have abused? The norm is to kill (euphemism: euthanize) cats after they have been tested upon. I don’t understand it. Most of the time (nearly all of the time?) the cats are still healthy after being tested upon. …

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Good Cat News: Washington University stops using cats in the training of pediatric doctors

sedated cat used for intubation training

At last, advancements in medical mannequins and simulators has motivated Washington University’s School of Medicine to stop using sedated cats when training doctors in how to insert a tube down the windpipe of a baby (intubation). For many people the change in policy has been too slow in coming. It has been argued that …

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