cats in paintings

His childlike pet drawings have raised thousands for rough sleepers

You never quite know the formula for becoming an internet, social media sensation perhaps because there is no formula. But,…

1 week ago

Did Vincent van Gogh have a cat?

Today is a good day to ask whether Vincent van Gogh had a cat because on this day in 1890,…

3 months ago

Girl with a Kitten by Lucian Freud

From time to time I like to write about cats in paintings. This is one by Lucian Freud which he…

4 months ago

Street artist paints illusion of Sphynx cat on old gas tank

A very impressive work of art. For me there are two things that make it work so well. Firstly the…

6 months ago

Pictures of cats as accessories 1896-2014

Two illustrations of cats as accessories 1896-2014. Cats represent women and women sometimes see cats as babies (as do men).

7 months ago

The sex symbolism behind the cat in Hockney’s Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy

The all-white cat gazing out of the balcony doors to the exterior, in David Hockney's painting Mr and Mrs Clark…

10 months ago

Édouard Manet loved cats and many of his letters have small sketches of cats

This is a little bit of cat trivia. It is not going to change the world but it is quite…

12 months ago

Domestic cat teased by Christ’s suffering as symbolised by a goldfinch

It'd be interesting if someone could try and untangle the interpretation of this 16th century religious painting by Barocci containing…

2 years ago

Loyal cat kept prisoner company in the Tower of London for 2 years

Trixie was her name; quite a modern name for cat who kept her owner company in the Tower of London…

2 years ago

Mediaeval cat paintings: ugly anthropomorphized depictions

I've seen this before. It appears that painters in mediaeval times had a compulsion to depict both domestic and wild…

3 years ago