Sweet mackerel tabby cat clings onto man’s leg and cries during tree rescue

Tabby cat cries out and clings on when rescued from a tree

See some interesting links to cats falling at the end of the article. The interesting aspect of this rescue is that the cat was not very high up unless the man had climbed a good distance up the tree which I don’t think happened. This indicates to me that this is a timid cat …

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Margay cats – the lifestyle of a tree-dweller


This page on margay cats is a continuation from the major page on this cat, which is here: Margay Range. I’d recommend visiting that page too. The linked page above also discusses appearance and threats. The most important aspect of the wild cats is the continual impact human activity has on their range (distribution). …

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Cat stuck in tree falls about 50 feet to ground when tree surgeon cuts branch

Tree surgeon cuts branch forcing cat stuck in tree to fall to the ground

This is a novel way to ‘rescue’ a cat stuck up a tree. They must have run out of ideas because the video clearly shows the tree surgeon cutting off the branch on which the cat is perched. She falls a long way to the ground. About 50 feet I’d guess. As the cat …

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Longest non-lethal fall in feline history

Cat falling in rescue from high rise building

Andy is said to be the domestic cat who fell the farthest in history and survived according to Desmond Morris in his book Cat World. There is no information about Andy on the internet, surprisingly. All I have is from Morris’s book. Andy fell from the 16th floor of an apartment building in Florida. …

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