Dog that kills one cat and inflicts minor injury on a person considered “potentially dangerous” in Santa Rosa

Dale, a gray and white short-haired male cat, with green eyes, was killed Friday, Feb. 18, 2022, by two roaming dogs

NEWS AND COMMENT-CENTRE ROSA, CALIFORNIA: A man owns two aggressive dogs; one is a pit-bull and the other is a shepherd mix. They were allowed to roam freely in Santa Rosa and they attacked and killed two domestic cats who were also allowed to roam freely. It is unclear if this occurred in one …

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Global warming causes bobcats to eat more domestic cats?


Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada: There is a belief that global warming is causing bobcats to eat more domestic cats. The chain of events is pretty straightforward. Global warming causes more droughts and forest fires. These reduce the number of prey animals. In turn, this means the usual wild prey animals are scarcer for bobcats …

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Lions clash with humans over the land they once roamed on freely

Lion enjoying the moment in the Serengeti

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa: There was a time when 30,000 lions roamed freely in Tanzania. They pleased the tourists who came to the country in large numbers to see them and other wildlife, boosting the economy by $4.7 million (9% of GDP) each year. Today there are about half that number of lions …

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Discussion: Who’s to ‘blame’ for the 29 cats killed by 2 dogs at Dothan animal shelter?

The tragic killing of 29 cats by two dogs at the Dothan Animal Shelter in Alabama last Wednesday night is one of the top shelter debates taking place on social media. Today I’d like to share what I’m seeing across Facebook and to get your opinion. AND PLEASE READ THE COMMENTS AS THEY ARE …

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Loudon, Tennessee city council meeting ended with ‘resignation and suspension’ over the handling of a feral colony

feral cats killed

A heated exchange at a Loudon, Tennessee city council meeting Monday night ended with the city attorney resigning and the city manager under temporary suspension. City Attorney Joe Ford resigned and city manager Ty Ross was temporarily suspended pending an investigation by the city on how a feral cat issue was handled, including social …

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Cats killed and injured in Brighton: 2 cats dead and another 5 injured after being stabbed

This article is a follow-up to the Croydon cat killings which have occurred for more than three years in Southeast London. Michael (PoC) has covered the killings extensively and those articles can be found here. Since September 2018 two cats have died after being stabbed and another five were attacked in Brighton. Not only …

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