Cats sniff your face at night to check that you are alive! I was the first to suggest this.

Cat sniffing their owner

Years ago, I suggested that at least some domestic cats sniff their owner’s face at night to check that they are still alive! Click this link to read that page. I wrote this at the time (about 6 years ago to the day): My firm impression is that cats sniff our face while we …

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Bengal Nose

'Bengal nose'

Bengal Nose – a comparison between a good nose and an affected nose – photo copyright Helmi Flick This page was first written, as I recall, in around 2009. It has been updated on more than one occasion including today June 5, 2022 at which point I have republished it. My understanding of the …

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6 pictures of cats fascinated with the bathroom in use and 6 reasons why

Cats like bathrooms when occupied and used

Although not all domestic cats are fascinated with human bathrooms in use, there is a tendency that they will be for the reason stated below. It all depends upon the individual cat because each one has their own character as all well-informed cat caregivers know. Cats are inquisitive. When they hear the sound of …

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Why do snow leopards have enlarged nasal cavities?

Snow leopard Flehmen response

The question in the title is a reference to the Jacobson’s organ a.k.a. the vomeronasal organ. The question in the title is slightly inaccurate as the vomeronasal organ is a separate to the usual nasal cavities. All cats and some other animals (snakes and many mammals) have this and it is located inside the …

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Is a wet cat nose good?

Cat's nose leather is normally dry

First things first: I’m talking about the “nose leather” (in cat fancy parlance), the flat bit at the front! Dr Yuki Hattori, who is in the news at the moment, writes in his book What Cats Want that a wet nose is a good sign provided she is healthy. He also writes that “a …

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