TikTok spied on journalist through an account in her cat’s name

TikTok could be banned for spying through their app

TikTok is getting a bad reputation for unethical behavior. In the past the administrators have been criticised for allowing animal abuse videos in large numbers and making a list of gay users. And now spying on a female British journalist via an account under her cat’s name. Cheap behavior which has been admitted. There …

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Surgery to correct feline entropion makes cat internet celebrity

By Alex Cooke We are in Chengdu, China for this interesting route to feline internet celebrity. And the cat was a stray. An unlikely combination. A street cat named Feifei suffered from feline entropion. This is when the eyelid turns inwards causing hairs to brush against the cornea resulting in irritation and squinting. The …

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Adorable kittens star in ‘Keeping up with the Kattarshians’ reality series

kardashian kittens

‘Keeping up the the Kattarshians’ is a new “reality” series where viewers can follow five kittens who are living in an oversized doll house. It’s streamed live from Icelandic broadcaster Nutiminn. The main characters on the live webcam series are a litter of kittens. Their Facebook page describes best how this reality show, which quickly …

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