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The Purr

12 facts about the domestic cat purr

Here are a dozen succinct facts about the domestic cat purr. The text is deliberately ‘tight’ so that you can get through it fast. There are more articles on the cat purr at the...

Cat meow-purring as he asks for something he likes and which he expects to receive. He reinforces his request by standing on his hind legs.

What does a purr-meow mean?

The video on this page tells you what a purr-meow sounds like, which is close to a feline trill. If not the same thing, it is very close to it. So, what does it...

Cats purr at the vets sometimes. Is it to calm them and reduce pain?

Purring reduces pain in cats. Discuss.

Science indicates that purring can reduce pain in cats which is probably one of its purposes. Some scientists think that one reason for purring is that it heals the cat. The reasons why a...

Clouded leopard purring

Why some cats don’t purr

The common sense reason why some domestic cats don’t purr is because they just don’t. It will be rare but it is distinctly possible. Feline purring is not an automatic or 100% guaranteed behavioural...

To purr is feline

The real reason why cats purr

You can work out the real reason why domestic cats purr by observing when they do it. There was a time when people believed that the purr simply meant that their cat was contented....

How do cats purr?

How do cats purr?

How do cats purr? I mean how do domestic cats physically make the purring sound? I present three theories. The first one that I describe has far more merit than the second. False Vocal...

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