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My cat Gabriel

Which cat is easiest to take care of?

In selecting a cat to adopt your main or sole criteria might be easy maintenance! ? A fair point. The question is ‘which cat?’ I guess this means either an individual cat or a...

Gabriel having sex on my arm

What’s up with cat humping, anyway?

I have brazenly lifted the title to this post from the Catster.com website. The title interested me. I thought how often do people see domestic cats humping? For the sake of complete clarity humping...

Is my cat a lesbian?

Why cats can’t be gay

I’ll tell you why cats can’t be gay. There is quite a lot of talk on homosexuality in cats: gay males and lesbian females. A lot of cat owners claim that their cat is...

Female cat as a queen

Why is a female cat called a queen?

Because she behaves like a queen towards courtiers, the people who attend the court of a monarch. When a female cat is on heat – a period called ‘estrus’ and the time during which...

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