Cats can’t steal stuff not even vicariously on behalf of their owner

Cats can't be thieves as they don't have mens rea

There’s a story today from the Daily Mail of two Siamese-like cats who “belong” to a church minister and she’s embarrassed by her cats because they are inveterate thieves according to her. They’ve even thieved a hamster from a neighbour. The hamster was not killed by her cats and survived for six months with …

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Klepto-cats: the reason why they are natural born burglars

Charlie a klepto-cat

NEWS AND COMMENT: From time-to-time news media reports on the klepto-cat. You must have seen them online. They are domestic cats who like to ‘burgle’ and ‘thieve’ in human terms. They thieve objects as diverse as a plush toy or a spoon, or wherever else they can find. They tend to go for objects …

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The Imelda Marcos of the feline world has a giant collection of shoes

Cooper's shoe collection

It’s that old hunting instinct again which comes out in scavenging the neighbourhood for human items, usually socks and children’s toys but in this instance it is shoes. The fairly familiar examples of domestic cats ‘stealing’ items from homes is an expression of frustrated hunting which has come out not in hunting real creatures …

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