12 domestic cat tail-signals in an INFOGRAPHIC

Cat Tail

I hope this two pages of an infographic helps in understanding domestic cat tail body language/signalling. It can be quite subtle. There is one cat breed, a rare one, with a curled-over tail called the American Ringtail. This cat will struggle with one or two of these tail signalling positions! And, of course, the …

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Cats in multi-cat homes ‘time share’ and use tail positions to keep the peace

Tail positions can keep the peace in multi-cat homes

A study described the use of space and patterns of interaction among a group of 14 unrelated domestic cats living in a single-story house. Although I am referring to a scientific study, cat owners should not be put off by that because the findings are interesting. Cats are very intelligent in finding ways to …

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Does a cat’s tail have a mind of its own?

Cat stalking and tail wagging

I am discussing the domestic cat’s tail. Having thought about this for the first time, I’ve decided that the positioning and movement of a cat’s tail is between a voluntary and an involuntary action. Therefore, it does not quite have a mind of its own but neither does the cat have direct control over …

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