It’s about even in terms of the environmental impact of cats and dogs

In terms of environmental impact, it is pretty even between cats and dogs

The big question today should be which companion animal, between cats and dogs, is more environmentally friendly? After all, environmental issues are gradually rising to the top of the priority list. And it seems to me that there are two major factors which help us gauge which animal is more environmentally friendly. These are …

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Cats are aloof, self-centred and treacherous. Discuss.

Aloof self-centered cat?

The basic conclusion, fair or otherwise, of a recent study is that unlike dogs cats will not side with their owners against the “enemy”. Dogs shun people who behave negatively towards their owner whereas cats don’t. Perhaps the more scientific conclusion, to use the language of the study, is that domestic cats don’t ‘evualate’ …

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Are felines stronger than canines?

Cat-dog face off

Are felines stronger than canines? Are cats stronger than dogs? The answer depends on the species of feline and canine we are referring to. For instance the tiger is a feline. The French bulldog is a small, highly popular domestic canine. Which is the stronger! You get the obvious point. Conversely a large dog …

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Do cats have better immune systems than dogs?

Cat and dog

Generally, domestic cats have better immune systems than domestic dogs. I emphasise ‘generally’ because you have to drill down to individual animals (are they purebred or random bred, for instance?). I am referring to purebred dogs and cats and their proportion of the overal population. The proportion of purebred dogs in relation to the …

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Hinse, Sir Walter Scott’s pet cat

Hinse Sir Waler Scott's pet cat

Background Sir Walter Scott was a Scottish historical novelist, poet, playwright and historian. His works are classics of both English-language literature and of Scottish literature. One of his famous titles is The Lady of the Lake. He lived with a cat companion who he gave the extravagant name ‘Hinse of Hinsefeldt’. Hinse and Feld …

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