Tesla cars present a danger to domestic cats?

Jamie Lynn

NEWS AND COMMENT: It appears that electric vehicles such as Tesla cars can present a danger to domestic cats and I’ll explain what I think this is about. The thought comes from Jamie Lynn, Britney Spears’ sister who in a now deleted video (on her Instagram page?) appears to blame Elon Musk’s Tesla car …

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“Serial, ritualistic killers” of cats are coyotes not humans

Coyote with cat in its mouth

On both sides of the Atlantic, in the UK and in America, there have been stories on more than one occasion of deceased outdoor domestic cats being killed, on the face of it, by a cat killing person who liked to mutilate the cats sometimes by dissecting them into two pieces as if with …

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Domestic cat post-mortem, autopsy, necropsy

Necropsy slide

I’ve used all three versions of words which mean the same thing in the title. A necropsy usually means an autopsy on animals which is also referred to as a post-mortem or autopsy. Hardly anyone ever has one done. However, my research indicates that they are not expensive at about £100 or the equivalent …

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