Steve Bouquet, the Brighton Cat Killer, on trial for stabbing 16 cats, killing 9

Steve Bouquet

NEWS AND VIEWS: Steve Bouquet is all over the Internet. At the moment we have to say that he is alleged to have stabbed 16 cats with, it is believed, a Leatherman tool which contained a knife. He is on trial and therefore technically he is innocent until proven guilty. The evidence against him …

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Indoor-outdoor cats should be protected with security cameras

One of the four cats poisoned by anti-freeze in Birkdale, UK with baited food thrown into backgarden

NEWS AND VIEWS: BIRKDALE, UK: A cat owner has lost four of her cats at a stroke to deliberate poisoning by antifreeze. It is also believed that the cats were poisoned in their back garden after food was thrown into it. Arwen Davies, 45, of Birkdale, is, of course, devastated and she’s convinced they …

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