Brilliant white, deaf Norwegian Forest Cat loves long cycle rides in London

Travis and Sigi

This is a story with lessons! Lots of them. It concerns a proactive, positive man, Travis Nelson, who suffered from depression to suicidal levels in San Francisco, California after he lost his job but successfully turned his life around while providing an exciting life full of mental stimulation for his brilliant white, clear blue-eyed, …

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Herman the Cat – WWII US Coast Guard mouser

Herman the Cat a US Coast Guard ship's cat during WWII

I have to mention Herman the US Coast Guard mouser cat who was issued with a passport during World War II. He was officially commissioned into the service in 1943. His task as stated was to control the rodent population. He was a celebrity ship’s cat as he made the news at the time. …

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Picture of Budge, Norwich Cathedral’s cat, sleeping in the pulpit

'Budge' Norwich Cathedral's cat having a snooze in the pulpit

This is a really nice photograph of a cathedral cat. Cathedral cats are very popular and very useful to cathedrals. They add that magic touch just by their presence and here we have Budge who is the boss at Norwich Cathedral. Budge rhymes with ‘fudge’. He has the usual social media pages because like …

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Hello Kitty – what type of cat?

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a female, anthropomorphised (humanised), Japanese Bobtail cat. She is all-white and her full name is Kitty White (‘Kiti Howaito’). In terms of the cat fancy, traditionally the Japanese bobtail is normally seen in a tortoiseshell-and-white coat. This is a coat of three colours (particolor) and not all-white. Although the Japanese Bobtail …

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‘thatlittlepuff’ is TikTok’s biggest earner at $26k per post (June 2022)

thatlittlepuff is number one on TikTok

According to the website, ‘thatlitttlepuff’, an attractive gray-and-white influencer cat with blue eyes, is the most successful TikToker with 27.8 million followers at the date of this post but this number will be out of date pretty quickly because the number is going up rapidly even today. Thatlitttlepuff has 594.2 million likes. The …

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