In Celebration of Charlie

Charlie was euthanised at 12:30 pm today. He had a long illness. I nursed him for about 6 months, quite intensively in the last few weeks. He was deeply loved. He was diagnosed with a tumor in the face – in the sinuses and nose. The tumor was pushing his right eye out; it …

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Simon’s Cat Video: An Affectionate Homage to Michael Broad and his Cat Charlie

Cat at computer

I am generally mild-mannered, polite and easy going. I enjoy writing about cats and get a great deal of pleasure interacting with like-minded people. This said, I gotta admit that there are those times when I run across an item pertaining to cats which may amuse kitty lovers I find so delightful and humorous, …

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Black Cat In The Sun. Yellow on Blue.

The reference to “blue” refers to the bluish tinge in the black fur. You get that in the shade because light in the shade is bluish. The “yellow” refers to the burnt grass and the yellow eyes: a nice contrast to the blue light in the shade. The cat is Charlie. He lives with …

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