28 facts about the Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat

Here are 28 succinct facts about the Chartreux cat in bullet fashion to make the reading of this post more convenient. The breed is relatively rare and hails from France. The Chartreux cat is a French cat breed. It is what distinguishes this breed from all others and there is a long history. It …

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Chartreux Cat Personality

This article is about the personality of the Chartreux cat. The reason why I am writing this is because Gloria visited the Chartreux Owner page and agreed with the author that the Chartreux has a particularly good personality (“They are simply the best”). I thought I would check that out. A brief background first …

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Health History and Character of the Chartreux Cat

by Michael (London, UK) There are some interesting aspects of the health, history and character of the Chartreux cat. On the main page I mentioned that this cat breed can suffer from patellar luxation. This can be found in tandem with hip dysplasia. Not only can this condition cause lameness it can make the …

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