Chausie breed standard – concise and illustrated

Bushwah an F1 male Chausie on a leash

The Chausie Breed Standard should be seen with the best pictures of the best cats followed by a commentary on the TICA (The International Cat Association) standard (the CFA does not recognize this breed) which is what I have done here. All the photos are by Helmi Flick. The Chausie is a wild cat …

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Chausie – Photo of Keetah from the Willowind Cattery © Helmi Flick The photos below are thumbnails – click on them for lager images. They are all copyright Helmi Flick – please respect copyright.   Referring to the photographs above the middle two are of Willowind Mafi Mushkla, Mafi for short, from the Willowind …

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Chausie 2

The breed standard can be summarized as follows:   Head – modified wedge, medium sized. Long sloping forehead with high angular cheekbones. Strong full muzzle and chin. Rounded whisker pads. Eyes – Medium sized and slightly flattened and oval in shape. They are positioned just below “the outside edge of the ear”. The preferred …

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