The illegal trade in cheetahs

Pet cheetah in a car in Dubai on a lead with the owner on his phone.

For a long time now there has been a fascination with the exotic cheetah, the world’s fastest land animal, which has encouraged the illegal trade of cheetahs as they are taken from their mothers, caged, smuggled and sold as pets in countries in the Middle East and elsewhere, where the rich feel the need …

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World cheetah population is about 6% of what it was in 1900

Cheetah population today is about 6% of what it was in 1900

Anyone who writes about cats has an obligation to remind readers that the world population of the cheetah has declined catastrophically since the 1900s when there were an estimated 100,000 on the planet while today there are an estimated 6500. The population is severely fragmented and it is decreasing year-on-year. Nothing has changed. A …

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About the personality of the cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus

Cheetah has a timid and retiring character or personality compared to the more aggressive lions, leopards and hyenas from which they keep their distance

It’s interesting to discover that Google doesn’t know how to search for information about the personality of the cheetah which has the scientific name of Acinonyx jubatus. I have to include this beautiful wild cat’s Latin (scientific) name to make sure that Google understands what I’m talking about. People just don’t discuss the character …

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Woman captures lion with bare hands in Kuwait and carries it down the street

Woman carries pet lion down Kuwaiti street

Location: Sabahiya a suburb of Kuwait City, Kuwait, Middle East. The title to this article is click bait. I am not immune to using click bait from time to time. But the video is remarkable. It’s on Twitter and it shows a Kuwaiti woman capturing and carrying a subadult lion down the street at …

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India’s much vaunted Project Cheetah ill-conceived and being killed off by red tape

Project Cheetah

NEWS AND COMMENT: You may have heard about Project Cheetah. It is the relocation of, initially, 20 cheetahs from Namibia, Africa to the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India. The cheetah was extirpated in that country by 1953 due to man’s mismanagement and cruel exploitation. The grand relocation plan envisaged there would be …

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Are GPS tracking collars on cheetahs in India causing infections and deaths?

Cheetahs relocated from Africa to India may be self-harming due to GPS collars irritating them

NEWS AND VIEWS – KUNO NATIONAL PARK, MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA: There is speculation that the GPS tracking collars placed around the necks of the relocated cheetahs from South Africa to India are killing some of them because the cheetahs are irritated by the collars in damp conditions and are scratching their necks causing a …

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What’s faster: greyhound or cheetah?

Cheetah versus greyhound speed

The question asks if the top speed of the greyhound is faster than that of the cheetah or vice versa. Therefore, I’m not going to go into a long discussion about the endurance and acceleration of these two animals (but see below). I’m simply going to set down for the record what I think …

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