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Sad picture of cheetah cub saved from being trafficked to the Middle East to be a pet to the rich

Trafficked cheetah cubs flaunted on Instagram

NEWS AND COMMENT-SOMALILAND: Calum Cairns, a former veterinarian working in rural North Yorkshire, UK, is today a cheetah rescuer operating out of a facility on the edge of Hargeisa, in the capital of Somaliland...

Male cheetah. Picture in public domain on Pinterest.

2 reasons why cheetahs are reproducing poorly

There are at least 2 reasons why cheetahs reproduced poorly, which is an added reason why they are vulnerable to extinction in the wild. There has been an approximate 50% decline in population numbers...

Cheetah loses impala due to tourism

Why are cheetahs endangered?

You have to ask why cheetahs are endangered almost every year because the cheetah population is declining rapidly and things are changing on the ground constantly. It is said that the planet is entering...

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