World cheetah population is about 6% of what it was in 1900

Cheetah population today is about 6% of what it was in 1900

Anyone who writes about cats has an obligation to remind readers that the world population of the cheetah has declined catastrophically since the 1900s when there were an estimated 100,000 on the planet while today there are an estimated 6500. The population is severely fragmented and it is decreasing year-on-year. Nothing has changed. A …

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Errors in Estimated Number of Cheetahs

Africa’s cheetah population has always been estimated. I keep saying this about cat population numbers. The same estimates apply to feral and stray domestic cats too. The word “estimate” means we don’t know. In fact, Africa’s cheetah population may be a lot lower than thought. The estimates on population size have been dismissed as …

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