Picture of chimera cat Quimera

Here is a picture of a rare chimera cat whose name is Quimera and who lives in Argentina. I have some more articles on this cat coat and one on how I think the split face is created (see below). I have written about Quimera before but this is an improved photograph. The odd-eye …

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Sexist Cat Fanciers’ Association bars boy calico cat from winning at cat show

Sexist Cat Fanciers' Association bars boy calico cat from winning at cat show

With tongue in cheek, I’m alleging that the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) is being sexist when it bars male calico cats from winning at cat shows. You may know that male calico cats are very rare. It is said that they are 1 in 3,000 and when they are fertile they are even rarer. …

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Photographer breaches contract over photos of extraordinary ‘two-faced’ cat Narnia


This fabulous, flawless, British Shorthair ‘two-faced’ cat living in France has become a celebrity overnight. The cat’s name is Narnia de la Grace of Chatterie de la Grace (“Narnia” for short). He is a purebred “Celestial” – a breed distinguished by its blue eyes. Sarah Hartwell a cat genetics expert says that he is …

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