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Cat killed because he played with a Christmas tree

Cat killed for playing with Christmas tree

A man living in Johnson City, Tennessee has reportedly been charged after he killed a cat playing with a Christmas tree. The reports don’t tell me if he owned the cat and/or the tree....

Cats love Christmas trees

Christmas Is For Cats And Kids

Our cats want every day to be Christmas Day because all of a sudden their environment is enriched with that wonderful, large and tall, green toy with bright objects attached: the Christmas tree. It...

Wrapped Christmas cat

A beautifully wrapped Christmas cat (video)

This is another cute Christmas cat video from Twitter. The cat is a blue British Shorthair I believe and he is extremely placid. I think he likes it. He was purring. I think he...

The Cat in the Manger by Michael Foreman

Baby Jesus and the Manger Cat

This would be a great manger cat Furby has his version of the M mark (photo added by Michael) There are a lot of nativity scenes in my area this time of year celebrating...

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