Obituary of beloved 18-year-old cat in Vermont has raised more than $3,700 for local Humane Society

An obituary for a beloved cat in Bellow Falls, Vermont who was euthanized after a battle with kidney disease has helped raise more than $3,700 for the local Humane Society. Pvt. Silas Goodrich, 18, was eulogized by his loving owner … please continue reading

What can cause mouth ulcers and seizures in cats?

I have been searching for a link between mouth ulcers and seizures in cats. I have a friend who’s 10-year-old cat has sadly just died having been diagnosed with diabetes. The cat had mouth ulcers and had a seizure. It … please continue reading

Older cats should have routine blood pressure tests

Blood pressure test on cat

Elderly cat should be routinely checked for high blood pressure because it develops insidiously and can cause damage to the cat’s organs and exacerbate kidney failure. It is more present in cats with hyperthyroidism and kidney failure. please continue reading

Cat food contains too much phosphorus causing kidney damage

Cat who had chronic kidney disease (CKD)

A scientific study shows that the levels of phosphorus in commercially prepared cat food (particularly in wet cat food) contains an average five times the amount required to keep cats healthy and because of this it can have a detrimental … please continue reading