Why is my cat thirsty?

Increased thirst in a cat is not a laughing matter

Your cat might be thirsty for a good reason. Perhaps she has just eaten dry cat food which should make a domestic cat thirsty because it’s so dry! It’s a good thing that she is drinking after eating it. There are obviously normal, healthy reasons to be thirsty so you have to decide initially …

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Top three cat health insurance claims

Cat checked for health

This page discusses the top three cat health insurance claims in America as per five pet insurance companies (2018). Trupanion said that their number one insurance claim concerned undiagnosed vomiting and diarrhoea. The second and third were urinary tract infections and kidney disease respectively. ASPCA reported the top three as: gastrointestinal conditions, hyperthyroidism and …

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Home treatment for bad breath in cats

Cat Yawn

People search for a home treatment for bad breath in cats. I don’t think that it is feasible to advise on a home treatment for bad breath in cats without a skilled diagnosis first and I would like to explain why. There are various reasons for bad breath in cats one of which (a …

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Can hyperthyroidism cause kidney disease in cats?

Thin hyperthyroid cat

No hyperthyroidism per se can’t cause kidney disease in cats but it seems that some treatments for hyperthyroidism can reduce kidney function. Dr Bruce Fogle in his book Complete Cat Care writes, “Chronic kidney failure does not occur as a direct effect of hyperthyroidism, but the two diseases often occur together simply because they …

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Is feline kidney disease painful?

Facial landmarks on cat showing facial expression when in pain

I think the best answer to the question in the title is that a cat’s diseased kidneys do not cause pain themselves but where there is chronic kidney disease there is likely to be uraemia which is a condition in which poisonous waste products accumulate in the body. This is a life-threatening condition and …

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Why is my cat holding her head down?

Burmese cat with ventroflexion

This condition is called ventroflexion. There are a number of possible causes one of which is a deficiency of thiamin in the cat’s diet. I’d check that out first. Make sure the diet is a good quality commercially prepared food. You may see a near immediate improvement. Consult with your veterinarian. Other COMMON causes …

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My cat’s breath smells bad

Feline bad breath

“My cat’s breath smells bad” is a common concern for cat owners. Bad breath is called “halitosis”. The problem shouldn’t be as common as it is because it is likely to be the consequence of a failure to observe a cat’s mouth without wishing to be overly critical. This may sound a bit odd …

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Link between fish-based foods and chronic kidney disease in domestic cats?

Can fish based cat foods contribute or cause CKD?

There is a scientific study published online on the nature.com website which concludes that there may be a link between fish flavoured (fish-based) foods and chronic kidney disease (CKD) but the link is tenuous. It is however worth flagging so cat owners know about it. More work needs to be done. My understanding is …

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