My 18 year old cat seems to be going deaf and has health problems. Advice?

My 18-year-old beloved tortoiseshell (calico) long-hair female seems to be going deaf. Her sight is already impaired in one of her eyes. So concerned over her as she no longer wants to go out, does not trust anyone other than me and is losing confidence. I even now have to feed her in my …

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Scandalous Situation Regarding Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats

There is a cat health crisis and it is chronic kidney disease (CKD). CKD means an irreversible, long term disease of the cat’s kidneys that leads to death, eventually. Treatment slows the process. Here are some quotes: Studies suggest that about 50 percent of cats older than 10 suffer from chronic kidney disease (Colorado …

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Cat drinking a lot of water?

This is almost invariably about kidney malfunction/failure…. “Cat drinking a lot of water?” is something that comes up as a query on the Internet. Other search terms are: “cat drinking too much water” and “cat excessive vocalizations and drinking”. Sometimes cats drink out of the toilet and basin but this does not necessarily imply …

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