Natural cure for cat’s ear infection – from pau d’ arco to Hepar Sulph

Itchy ear

A natural cure for cat’s ear infection can become an effective means to end the constant shaking of the head and scratching of the ear that accompanies this common ear problem. Or it may alleviate the condition. While your feline will most likely dislike any remedy that comes in contact with their ultra-sensitive ears, …

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Hairless cat earwax buildup (a discussion)

The public is told that earwax buildup is greater in hairless cats than normal. Because there is a greater than normal buildup of earwax in hairless cats, the ears have to be cleaned more frequently. However, there is some mystifying information surrounding hairless cat ear wax which I would like to discuss on this …

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The truth about treating cat ear mites

The truth is that treating cat ear mites is more difficult than people think. People search for ways of treating cat ear mites naturally, or treating cat ear mites at home, or treating cat ear mites with mineral oil. These are all home remedies demonstrating a cat owner’s wish to treat this feline health …

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Cleaning Cat Ears

by Michael Emphatically we can say that cleaning cat ears routinely is not required or even a good idea. The general advice is leave them alone. See Cat Ear Size and Shape However, routinely checking cat ears for obvious signs of health problems is sensible. Classic ear problems are ear mites and abscesses (from …

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