Example of using positive reinforcement to socialise a cat (video)

'Journey' a stray cat from China being socialised through positive reinforcement training

We hear a lot about positive reinforcement in socialising feral and stray cats. Positive reinforcement is a way of training cats and it can be used to train a cat to trust a human and people in general at which point the cat is socialised and therefore domesticated. A cat called ‘Journey’ was a …

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How can I tell my cat that I am his boss and he needs to obey me?

Obedient cat

Lesley on Quora.com asks how she might be able to ensure that her cat relates to her as the boss and that he’s obedient towards her. Misplaced It’s an interesting question. Without being critical of Lesley, it’s a misplaced question. She doesn’t want to be her cat’s boss. That’s not the kind of relationship …

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Why can dogs learn their names and cats cannot?

Cat training

The question is false because cats can ‘learn their names’. In truth, neither cats nor dogs learn their names. They learn the sound of their names and attach it to a reward as opposed to understand the meaning of their name (as a label) and attaching it to themselves. That’s my opinion. For cats …

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The difference between cat punishment and negative reinforcement

Say nothing they'll blame the dog

The difference between punishing a cat and negative reinforcement, both of which should be avoided, is that the former requires the cat to be able to measure his/her behaviour against norms as decided by humans which is something that is beyond them while the later is simply associating a certain behaviour with something painful …

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