5 reasons why cloning your pet is a bad idea

Cloned kitten by a Chinese company

We are told that dogs and cats are increasingly being cloned because their owners refuse to let them go. They want to continue their relationship with their beloved companion animal. This is entirely understandable. You don’t want to let go something that brings you pleasure. It is a reflection of the deep relationships that …

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Pet Cloning is Distressing for People and Pets

Cloned cat

Cloning pets will cause distress in both the person who wants a clone of their deceased pet and the pets being cloned. For that reason it is unethical and should not take place. In addition it simply does not work despite the fact that 500 dogs have been cloned by the Sooam Biotech company on South Korea.

There is a danger that people in the UK will get the wrong impression. With the arrival of the first cloned dog in the UK last Saturday (4 days ago), some ill-informed cat or dog lovers with enough money may fall into the trap of believing that they can turn the clock back to the way things were before their beloved cat or dog died. They can’t.

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Health Problems In Cloned Cats (and other mammals)

This follow-up page covers health and other issues of cloned mammals and follows Ruth’s article questioning whether people should clone their cat, even if they could afford it. I think it is useful to briefly look at the difficulties of cloning cats. This of course is ignoring the seeming impossibility of cloning a cat’s …

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