Are cats altruistic?

Kittens and queen

I discuss community cats and lions. Let’s define altruism first. It is an act of selflessness when concerned about the welfare and well-being of others. In other words for cats it is giving to another in terms of actions without demanding anything back. It is unconditional. I don’t think domestic cats can be purely …

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Are cats solitary?

Domestic cat contentedly alone

Are cats solitary? The answer depends on what species of cat you are referring to. The general answer is that the majority of felids (animals in the cat family) are solitary. Except for lions and male cheetahs, adult wildcats live and hunt separately. Male lions and cheetahs form coalitions to get access to females. …

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Feral cat colony behaviour

This article is about understanding feral cat behaviour in colonies. Perhaps the first important point to note about feral cat colony behaviour is that historically the popular press still tends to describe the domestic and feral cat as an asocial, solitary species with no need for companionship and a preference for living alone. This …

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The secret world of feral cat caretaking

An aspect of looking after feral cats is to try and keep their location secret! That might sound ridiculous but it is actually important. I am sure Dee – a regular and wise cat guardian visitor to PoC – will agree with me. Volunteers who manage feral cat colonies try and keep the colony’s …

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