Persian cat fur is unnaturally long unfortunately which makes a lion cut a practical solution

Persian kitten given a lion cut because of poop on the bottom

Giving a Persian cut for health reasons (some do it for the look) is a loving aspect of cat care. But it is bit peculiar that we have Persian cat breeders doing all they can to give their cats long fur following the breed standard for it to be shaved off because it is …

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Tight headband around Persian cat’s head while being groomed commercially

Persian cat wearing a headband while being groomed

Well, I am going to get on my high horse and criticised this video. Perhaps I am wasting my time criticising the video because I should be criticising the fact that we have a Persian cat at a commercial grooming parlour. Persian cats have been bred to have very long fur which the cat …

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Maine Coon gets a teddy bear haircut and a blow dry plus stud tail treatment!

Maine Coon gets a teddy bear haircut and blow dry plus stud tail treatment

This regular, 23-pound Maine Coon client of a pet groomer on TikTok received a teddy bear haircut and blow-dry. He was also treated for his stud tail. Throughout he behaved impeccably but you can see the groomer putting a rather strange device over his head because clearly in the past he has objected to …

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Police called in after pet groomer “skinned elderly cat alive”

The cat’s owner, Jamie Maietta, says that the commercial pet groomer skinned her cat alive when all he was in for was to remove some matting in his fur. When Jamie saw her cat she started to cry because of the state his was in. However her description of being skinned alive was a …

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