If you wanted to adopt a cat, would you adopt a really mean one to spare his life?

Wizard the mean shelter cat learned to love his new family

The question in the title is asking whether you would adopt a shelter cat slated for euthanasia because he had been evaluated by shelter staff as aggressive and unadoptable. This is what can happen to rescue cats when they behave badly at shelters. The staff sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes for bad …

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The higher an animal shelter’s live release rate the higher the rates of burnout in shelter staff?

There is a study online published on Jan 17th 2020 which, as I understand it, essentially looks at the mental health of animal shelter employees under two opposing circumstances, namely when animals are euthanized and when the live release rate is high by which I mean the shelter is successful in that they are …

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True or false? Afghan animal airlift only added to our national shame.

The cats and dogs on their way to Kabul airport

In a letter to The Times, Kate Nicholls of Seaford, East Sussex, UK, stated that she passionately believes that Mr Farthing’s (Nowzad) evacuation of cats and dogs from Kabul was a highly improper act which brings shame on Great Britain. She said that she read the news with “utter disbelief”. She also said that …

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Animal care workers at animal shelters need support to deal with grief due to their losses

Shelter worker with cat

“The loss of such a sacred relationship can be devastating. Owners of companion animals facing the loss of a companion animal often experience numbness, disbelief, ruminations about the death experience….” Working as an animal care worker (ACW), specifically an animal shelter worker, leads to close bonds with the animals in their care. The conditions …

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PETA makes suspended Verizon worker ‘Hero to Animals Award’ recipient

Maurice German

Do you remember the Philadelphia Verizon employee, Maurice German, who used the company’s cherry picker to rescue a cat stuck atop a telephone pole for 15 hours? Elisa wrote about him. Well, his employer wasn’t happy with what he did because he did something outside of his contract of employment using company equipment. They …

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Family who moved into a new home inherited the resident cat

This is the happy ending story about a family who moved into a new home who inherited the resident cat. The former homeowner left a heartwarming note about the cat who had shown up at the home 12 years prior that they were never able to tame. Miranda and her family found a note …

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Shaming people does not help. It forces them into seclusion and takes the kitties there with them

Posted December 30, 2018 by Rae Bitner Introduction by Elisa: I found this story as I was checking the various groups and thought it was one that needed to be told. This is as it should be. Helping people, one case at a time.  I Just want to put this out there… About a month …

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