Best speech bubble or caption to this cat picture gets a $50 Amazon voucher for Christmas!

Best speech bubble or caption gets a $50 voucher

This is a cute picture of two cats. They look like a couple of ladies engaged in conversation. The one of the left is actually yawning but you could pretend that she was being a little bit too vocal and talkative which has stunned the larger cat into bored silence. There is a glazed …

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Do leopards fight lions?

Leopard escapes lion in tree

The truth of the matter is that leopards “become extremely cautious around larger predators such as lions and tigers, and prefer to retreat to cover or the safe haven of a tree rather than face a direct encounter”. That, I believe, satisfactorily answers the question in the title. They don’t want to fight lions …

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Do lions steal from hyenas?

Lion attacking a hyena

Yes, lions steal from hyenas and vice versa sometimes depending on the numbers. For example H. Kruuk, in his work: The spotted hyena: A study of predation and social behavior – 1990 – University of Chicago Press, reported on two steals as follows: Two male lions stole a wildebeest from 25 hyenas; Three young …

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Top cat among UK’s parliamentarians

Purr Minister competition at Battersea

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is running their annual competition to decide which cat among the cats owned by parliamentarians has caught the hearts of the public the most. It’s an opportunity to use Language such as “the fur is flying” and the “cat-idates” and “manifurstos”. So which cat has the best manifursto? Well …

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