Picture and words which explain why toes are so important to domestic cats and why they should not be mutilated by veterinarians under the banner ‘declawing’

Picture and words which explain why toes are so important to domestic cats and why they should not be mutilated by veterinarians under the banner 'declawing'.

Please do not be bored by the topic of cat declawing. I sense that people just brush the topic under the carpet. I have hammered away at it for a very long time, I admit. And I don’t want to do it. But I have to. It is the only way to achieve the …

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A lot of vet techs are forced to work at declawing veterinary clinics against their wishes

Declawed cats are seven times more likely to pee in inappropriate places

Because cat owners are experiencing problems with their declawed cat after the operation it is common for them to take their cats back to the veterinarian who carried out the operation 1-2 weeks later. A vet tech said that they often stop using the litter tray and “are not being themselves”. The information comes …

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American veterinarians’ excuse for declawing is plain wrong

NJ vets have a poor argument as to why they declaw cats

For quite a while the American state of New Jersey has been debating a ban on declawing cats. It looks as if it is bogged down in the legislature to me but there is hope that the draft law will pass one day. As usual the veterinarians lobby the politicians through their association to …

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Disaster: California’s bill to ban declawing died at committee stage

California Legislature

Those of us who hate cat declawing will have to wait longer for a state in America to be the first to ban declawing and thereby start the beginning of the end of this thoroughly objectionable and cruel veterinary practice. California’s legislature was debating a statewide ban but the bill (draft proposed law AB …

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Declawed cats cry in pain throughout the night (clinic employee)

Declawing a lioness in a Palestinian zoo

A veterinary clinic employee wrote to Mercury News in response to a previous letter which supported cat declawing. The person supporting declawing was responding to a proposed law for California banning declawing unless for therapeutic purposes (AB 1230, as introduced, Quirk. Veterinary medicine: declawing animals). The employee said that declawed cats cried in pain …

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Can a declawed cat live with a clawed cat?

Someone, somewhere asked whether they can adopt a cat who is not declawed when their resident cat is declawed. The short answer is yes you can. The reasons are as follows. Firstly, it’s probably unwise to think about an incoming cat fighting with a resident cat and using that potential problem as a way …

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Do declawed cats bite more?

Yes, declawed cats bite more. A recent research project published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery concerning 137 declawed cats and 137 non-declawed found that biting in declawed cats occured three times more often than in non-declawed cats. One reason given is that declawed cats are in pain and discomfort and lash …

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Veterinarian Talks Cat Owner Out of Using Soft Paws and Into Declawing

The story comes from an anonymous contributor. It is very believable. The cat owner concerned shared her story with the dailybeast.com website. She says that her veterinarian convinced her to not to use Soft Paws, and declaw her three cats instead. For the sake of clarity, Soft Paws are plastic sheaths that are glued …

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