Do private practice veterinarians desex cats later than shelters and if so why?

Feral or Stray Cat Being Spayed

I have just been informed by the authors of a study on the impacts of pet cats on Australian wildlife that animal shelters desex cats when they are younger than four months of age because the focus is on preventing cats breeding and creating more cats, whereas in private practice, where the making a …

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Cat Owners like Masculinity and Femininity in their Domestic Cats

I do not think that enough attention is given to what I consider to be an important aspect of our relationship with domestic cats, which is that cat caretakers (aka ‘cat owners’) partly like cats because of their male or female characteristics, depending upon their preferences. I don’t think enough attention is given to …

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UK: Compulsory Cat and Dog Neutering?

The compulsory neutering focus group is a fairly new UK group on Facebook and I was invited to join. They say: ‘We are getting together to petition the government for compulsory neutering for pet cats and dogs, compulsory microchipping for pet cats and dogs and compulsory breeding licences for breeders of cats and dogs’. …

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