Insatiable appetite for cheetah pets in Middle East threatens their existence in the wild

The glorious, exotic cheetah, the formula one car of the animal kingdom is being pushed to the brink of extinction in the wild because of an insatiable desire for cheetah selfies and the desire of the rich citizens of the Gulf states to possess them as pets. The cheetah is particularly fashionable as an …

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UK government dithers over a ban on imports of hunting trophies

Gove dithering

This feeble, uncommitted UK government, bogged down and paralysed as it is by Brexit, is dithering hopelessly over a decision to ban the importation of hunting trophies despite a huge rise of such imports into the UK by British big-game hunters. It is staggering, today, to realise that the UK allows callous big-game hunters …

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Lions and elephants revolt against poachers in South Africa

Poacher's clothing

Summary: Lions ate a rhino poacher after an elephant stomped on him Kruger National Park: A group of five rhino poachers where stalking a rhino. They were after that precious and oh-so valuable horn that is treasured in China for their ancient and ridiculous medicine. A hungry elephant came upon them and stomped one …

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Moggies should be bred to be disinterested in hunting

Breeding cats who have no interest in hunting

Let’s think of a brave new world, a considerable time in the future, when people have control over the creation of random bred cats (moggies) and when they might be bred by licensed breeders who focus exclusively on their cats’ character and primarily a total disinterest in hunting. Under these circumstances, perhaps 200 years …

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We don’t need to kill cats and rats to stop extinctions; humans need to stop breeding instead

The human disease

I’m going to say the politically incorrect. I’m going to talk about social engineering which you should never do but which you have to talk about at some time. Doing the rounds on the Internet yesterday and today is a discussion about a study published on the Internet (Plos One) which identified 107 islands …

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