Indignation at pet owning South Korean girl band after handling baby panda

Blackpink members handle panda cub

Background Blackpink is a South Korean girl band formed by YG Entertainment consisting of members Jisoo, Jenniw, Rosé and Lisa. Everland in South Korea as a theme park and vacation resort located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. It opened in April 1976. At the resort they have a three-month-old baby panda, Fu Bao, who was born …

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EU law says that cat owners must keep their pets inside

Arie Trouwborst, an environmental law specialist at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and Han Somsen, at the same university, say that European Union law insists that cat owners in Europe should keep the cats inside the home to protect wildlife. In any event, from the EU law perspective it is ultimately the result that …

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With Doc Antle finished, Carole Baskin can now push on with her Big Cat Public Safety Act

"Doc" Antle

It is end of days for the big four “Tiger Kings” of America. One of these prominent big cat exploiters was (his days are numbered) the exotically named Bhagavan Doc Antle. He has been indicted on various animal cruelty charges and he will, hopefully, follow the path of his associates and end up out …

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Ethical banks in the UK in 2020 and why cat lovers should use them!

How often do we think of alternatives to the high street banks? I don’t or I didn’t. But all of the big five UK high street banks do not have the whitest of reputations when it comes to ethical behaviour. A list of their misdeeds is too long to go over here and anyway …

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Don’t blame cats for destroying wildlife – shaky logic is leading to moral panic

Colony cat

Are cats really to blame for the worldwide loss of biodiversity? Dzurag/iStock via Getty Images Plus William S. Lynn, Clark University; Arian Wallach, University of Technology Sydney, and Francisco J. Santiago-Ávila, University of Wisconsin-Madison A number of conservationists claim cats are a zombie apocalypse for biodiversity that need to be removed from the outdoors …

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Human population growth effects on animals

Projections of human population growth

There is a growing feeling that human population growth is having a very bad effect on animals. Although you have to differentiate between domestic and wild animals. The UK’s favourite broadcaster, said David Attenborough, is an advocate for stabilising the planet’s human population. Negative effects [We should] stabilise the human population as low as …

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