In which US states is it illegal to hunt cougars?

Female cougar and her cubs against a wild mountainous backdrop

In the United States, the legality of hunting cougars varies by state. It is illegal to hunt cougars for sport in California, which is the only western state with a large cougar population that prohibits such hunting. In other states, there may be regulated hunting seasons and specific rules governing the hunting of cougars. …

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Why do mountain lions have so many names?


The reason is twofold. This famous wild cat species has a very wide distribution across the Americas although it is shrinking. Also, it has been recognised and recorded for many hundreds of years which has given widely disparate races and peoples time to write about it in their own way. The first reason is …

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Tesla autopilot detects mountain lion running across road (video)

Tesla autopilot avoids puma running across road in Montana

Townsend, Montana, USA: This short video neatly sums up a lot about the relationship between America’s mountain lion (puma, cougar) and people. This iconic wild cat, which is so closely associated with America (but which is found in all the Americas), was eradicated from the entire eastern half of the U.S. because it was …

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When mountain lions in Canada become desensitised to people they are shot dead

Cougar attacks domestic cat in driveway

It seems extraordinary to me and very insensitive to wildlife conservation and downright unfair that when a mountain lion exhibits behaviour which indicates that it is not fearful of humans (desensitised to the presence of people) the default reaction of the authorities is to shoot the cat dead because they don’t see it as …

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Video: mountain lion trapped in bathroom escapes through window (broken open by officials)

Mountain lion trapped in California couple's bathroom

This is a story about a mountain lion in California which, for me, once again establishes the well-known fact that this beautiful wild cat species is quite shy and normally doesn’t want to attack people and very, very rarely does and it’s usually children or old people. In fact, the California Department of Fish …

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Too True: trophy hunting of wild cats is an outdated practice

Mountain lion

A big hurrah for Tommy Knowles the executive director of the Wildlife Defence League because he spells out succinctly the reason why trophy or sport hunting is so outdated and unsuited to the modern age. It is also quite simply: cruel, unnecessary and inhumane. The Wildlife Defence League (WDL) has started a campaign to …

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People settle on cougar territory. Cougar gets used to people. People kill cougar.

Cougar shot because she got used to being around people

The title summarises in three short sentences the story of this cougar and, frankly it is a sad story and a sad indictment of the failure of humans to protect wildlife. As human population numbers grow rapidly there is only one trend: it’ll get worse. This particular cougar (aka puma) was used to sunning …

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