Texas mountain lion (2022)

Note: this page has been updated as at Sept 15th, 2022 and republished (see update below). Are there mountain lions in Texas? Well, yes but what with continual human population growth, increased human activity (including road building), the horrible practice of sport hunting and decreased mountain lion habitat, I am sometimes surprised. That said, …

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Big cat in Calais, France?! The authorities want to shoot it.

Big cat Calais!? No, a domestic cat

CALAIS, FRANCE-NEWS AND COMMENT: There are reports of a big cat, thought to be a mountain lion (puma), in the area of Aux-le Chateau, south of Calais, France. The authorities want to shoot it dead because they say it would be hard to capture the animal with a tranquilizer gun. “The straying of such …

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Missouri Department of Conservation make the effort to prove mountain lion sighting is incorrect

Comparing domestic cat with cut out of mountain lion

It is unusual for a state department to become involved like this in taking the time and trouble to prove that a citizen of the state has got it wrong when they say they have seen a mountain lion. In this instance, a woman made a video of a cat walking along the top …

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Video: mountain lion trapped in bathroom escapes through window (broken open by officials)

Mountain lion trapped in California couple's bathroom

This is a story about a mountain lion in California which, for me, once again establishes the well-known fact that this beautiful wild cat species is quite shy and normally doesn’t want to attack people and very, very rarely does and it’s usually children or old people. In fact, the California Department of Fish …

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How you might encounter a mountain lion in America

Encountering a mountain lion in California

The video below gives us a nice feel for how a trekker might encounter a cougar (puma or mountain lion) in America. This incident occurred in California. I believe there is a misconception about the desire of mountain lions to attack humans. They hardly ever do it. Children are normally the victims. Mountain lion …

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