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There is a greyish colour to this bobcat

Do coyotes attack bobcats? Yes, according to 3 sources.

Yes, according to 3 reliably sources. Bobcats share many habitats with other carnivores including coyotes and pumas (mountain lions). According to (1) E.M. Anderson in Bobcat diurnal loafing sites in south-eastern Colorado – 1990...


Do coyotes attack bobcats?

Do coyotes attack bobcats? In a word, YES. “Bobcats share many habitats with other carnvores. Coyotes and pumas are known to kill bobcats occasionally…Bobcats apparently declined as coyotes moved into upper New York State...

Coyote chased by cat

Cat Chases Coyote

It seems that this cat is chasing a coyote across a road in America. The video was recorded by a camera on the bus. What do you think?

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