Ginger tabby cat fights with coyote on porch and climbs to escape (video)

Ginger tabby defends himself from coyote attack and escapes to safety

A security camera caught a flat out fight between a red tabby domestic cat and a coyote on what appears to be the porch of a house. The cat was almost certainly male (ginger tabbies are normally male). It is an instructive video although a bit hard to watch because it shows us how …

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Do coyotes attack bobcats? Yes, according to 3 sources.

There is a greyish colour to this bobcat

Yes, according to 3 reliably sources. Bobcats share many habitats with other carnivores including coyotes and pumas (mountain lions). According to (1) E.M. Anderson in Bobcat diurnal loafing sites in south-eastern Colorado – 1990 and (2) Koehler and Horncocker in Seasonal resource use among mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes – 1991, pumas and coyotes …

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Upturning the laws of nature: cat chases coyote

Cat chases coyote in parking lot

Note: videos on this site are typically made by people other than me and held on YouTube servers or the servers of other businesses (not the server storing this website). Sometimes the videos are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no …

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Great picture of coyote chasing domestic cat

Great picture of coyote chasing a cat in Sacramento USA

SACRAMENTO, USA – C Street and 25th Street: Allyson Seconds – a good name because she acted within seconds – captured on her smartphone a couple of coyotes chasing a dilute ginger tabby cat from the side of a house to a tree where the cat had the advantage and escaped to safety. She …

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When coyotes kill cats the cadavers give the impression that a psychopath has killed them

For illustrative purposes: Forensic veterinarian Margaret Doyle and Constable Dennis Smithson view an X -ray of a deceased cat. Photo: Jeff McIntosh.

A thorough investigation by a veterinary pathologist, Nick Nation, in Edmonton, Canada, into the killing of a total of 53 cats in two Alberta cities, clearly indicated to this expert that the cats had been killed by coyotes and not a psychopathic person which was deemed to been a possibility at one time. The …

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Coyote rips the ear off a cat statue in central North Carolina

Coyote attacks cat statue in N. Carolina

A Wake Forest family erected a statue of a domestic cat outside their garage under the surveillance of a video camera to check whether a coyote had killed and taken away their two cat companions. The picture above is taken from the security camera. And it clearly shows that a coyote had attacked the …

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