Infographic on 5 frauds to look out for in 2023

Five frauds to look out for 2023

The UK is full of scammers, fraudsters and thieves. They’ve tried to scam me on hundreds of occasions and succeed once, much to my shame as I am careful and switched on but even the most careful can be careless once. I got my money back ?✔️. In terms of scams and frauds what …

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California bans the purchase of dogs, cats and rabbits online with credit cards

California law bans buying cats, dogs and rabbits online with a load which must include credit cards

NEWS AND COMMENT-CALIFORNIA, USA: California with New York State are, it is my belief, the two most progressive US states in respect of animal welfare and California have progressed animal welfare in their state a little further in enacting (bringing into law) an act which bans the purchase of dogs, cats and rabbits purchased …

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