Dog puts arm around the cat he loves (video)

Dog loves cat and it is reciprocated

I have boldly used the words ‘love’ and ‘arm’ in the context of a close friendship between cat and dog. I think it is appropriate to use the emotion of love (meaning strong affection) although the area of cat and dog emotions is work in progress. This video is so cute and tender. The …

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Backseat Driver Cat

Backseat driver cat

Backseat Driver Cat…. Explanation from the photographer: “I brought my cat home from the vet in a cardboard carrier. He started chewing one of the breathing holes and chewed it big enough to escape before I was a block away….”

Heartwarming photo that shows a dog carrying a cat to safety is not what it seems

This heartwarming photo shows a dog and cat trying to survive the aftermath of a flood. Or is it? The photo is making the rounds again on social media since Hurricane Matthew hit the Southeastern United States, and a lot of people believe the photo is from an area devastated by the recent hurricane. …

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Cute Kitten Pictures (Siamese, Bengal and Maine Coon)

Here are some “cute kittens pictures” from three prominent and extremely popular cat breeds: Siamese, Bengal and Maine Coon. Below each photograph I have used the words of the photographer, Helmi Flick, as a basis to describe the circumstances surrounding the creation of the photographs. This is a litter of ten Siamese kittens (“LUV-SUN …

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